About VPN Beaver Team

Every day we are faced with locks and restrictions on freedom of the Internet. Public Wi-Fi networks are unreliable and can intercept our passwords.

We decided to make a mobile application that will allow you to easily and free of charge provide an encrypted connection to the Internet, unlock any site and use the Internet to the maximum.

We are a team of developers and system administrators who created a product called VPN Beaver. The stability of the service is very important for us, therefore we monitor the 24/7 speed and availability of VPN servers for connection. Every day we add new servers around the world. You do not need to update the application to gain access to new locations. The application itself pulls up new servers and you can connect them in 1 touch.

We will be grateful if you share the link to our Android / iOS applications with your friends.

We do not store your logs and do not require mail and password for registration.

Stay anonymous even to us.